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(Maariv,p. 4/NRG Hebrew) Stop on leaves- Because of fear of kidnapping by Hezbollah,soldiers,officers and civilian IDF employees now prevented from visiting numerous countries including: Thailand,Egypt,Jordan,Indian Kashmir,and Turkey. (Yedioth,p. 8) The best defense is a strong offense -Testing of IDF officers reveals they are strong in offensive strategy,but lacking in defensive thinking. The Armored Corps records the highest scores in IDF combat doctrine,with an average 86.41%,while Combat Intelligence Collection Corps records the weakest score at 82.22%. (Israel Hayom) Controversial drilling: Israel to award licenses to search for oil in Golan Heights- The announcement of the awarding of the licenses to Effi Eitam's Genie Energy will take place a few days before the arrival of Obama to Israel and is likely to cause a harsh international reaction in light of the Golan considered occupied territory according to international law.
Timberlake has been ubiquitous these past few weeks,building up anticipation for the March 15 release of his third studio album,The 20/20 Experience—his first LP in seven years. He hosted arguably this season's best episode of Saturday Night Live,lording over the star-studded affair as both host and performer,and served as the musical guest for an entire week on the NBC talk show Late Night With Jimmy Fallon,in what the show's band member Questlove dubbed #Timberweek on Twitter.And his performance,which took place at the Coppertank events center in downtown Austin,only helped his promotional cause.After an opening DJ set by his Fallon co-conspirator Questlove,Timberlake sauntered out onstage a few minutes past midnight.
 Rooker says he personally is a House of Commons man. There are more of them in the Lords than in the Commons, he says. They want to preserve the primacy of the Commons.Clegg says there should be no doubt that the Commons has primacy.6.46pm: Oliver Heald, a Conservative, says elected peers will be able to raise regional issues. Q: Are you happy with that?Clegg says at the moment MEPs can get involved in issues relating to a parliamentary constituency. He does not have a problem with that.Q: Will eminent people want to stand for election to the Lords?Clegg says he hopes that distinguished people will stand for election to the Lords.Q: Do you think peers should be full-time?Clegg says he has an open mind on this.
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But I think that it is possible to do what we've been seeking to do over the last couple of years, which is to have a very coherent and united position,Vera Bradley Bags, particularly on the most important, the central challenges that we face as a country - in other words the economy, education reform, welfare reform - while demonstrating both parties have their own identities and their own priorities. And I think, actually, that process of letting each party breathe a bit is important to giving coalitions the ability to last,Kate Spade Outlet, because if you have sort of iron discipline, in which parts of parties can't express themselves at all,Goyard Tote, that's not actually a stabilising force.9.54am: You can read all today's Guardian politics stories here.

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